Pregnancy and asacol

Being pregnant is a big undertaking for anyone. For someone with colitis it is probably a time of great concern.
Having said that many people with colitis have had quite normal pregnancies. Others have struggled. Please use this area to share your experiences or ask for advice.

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Pregnancy and asacol

Post by Sophie88 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:57 am

I am ready to try for a baby and my question is regarding asacol. I’m on the maximum dose (4.8 a day) and know it is better to stay well but also better to not be on high doses of meds if not needed. I am considering halving the dose and then trying for a baby, hopefully if I stay well. Has anyone done this? What are your views on it? Also how long Would I need to wait between halving dose and trying for a baby? So many questions! Obv I have spoken to gp and consultant who are always brilliant. They say I could try to half but also that it is best to stay well and I can stay on maximum dose if needed... help! 😂😂

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