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Depressed After Blood Transfusion

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:33 pm
by SamanthaTruman
I've had severe UC for 14 years now and haven't been on any medications because I can't handle most of them. Recently, after all these years, I was found to have a hemoglobin of 5.3. I was given 3 units of blood, and my HGB is up to 9.3. I am now on Iron & Vitamin C. I'm still tired and fatigue. I still have to sit down a lot after doing simple things, like sweeping floors. I have a colonoscopy and upper endoscoy scheduled for next Friday. I've been feeling really down today, and am now worried that the doctor might find malignancy this time around. I actually thought I was doing 'good' despite being severely anemic. I'm hoping the colonoscopy comes back okay. Any words of encouragement out there? Or words of concern? I just feel very depressed about the whole ordeal. I don't know if blood transfusions will do that or what, but I just want to cry at times. :(

Re: Depressed After Blood Transfusion

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:45 pm
by rogalin47
I don't see why a blood transfusion would leave you feeling depressed but uc certainly can. You're living with a horrible disease with really shitty symptoms (pun intended!!) And this can make you feel both physically and mentally very low. Fatigue can be a major issue with uc. On top of that you're concerned about the forthcoming tests so its not surprising you're feeling rubbish.

It's really a case of taking everything a day at a time. Rest when you can, try and eat as healthily as you are able and make sure you keep hydrated ad all this can have a knock on effect to how you feel.

Hopefully by now you've had the endoscopy and colonoscopy and have been given some idea as to the extent of your uc. I always find it easier to deal with things when I know exactly what is going on as I can face things head on that way. I hope you've been given good news and can feel better about everything.

Do please let us know how you got on
Rogalin x

Depressed After Blood Transfusion

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:38 pm
by SheriePielo
On a side, but related note, why do you suppose Jews do not have an issue with blood transfusions? The law originated with their beliefs, you would think they would have had the same idea.

Depressed After Blood Transfusion

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:24 pm
by EmileBuH
Just wanted to second that I think you would know by now, and it is probably time to seek more treatment.

Sorry, not what you want to hear