How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Use this forum to share your experiences of changes to lifestyle and diet. Have you found anything that helped your colitis ? Have you tried low residue diets or increasing your water intake ?
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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by sycococker »

Well diet has never made a single improvement to me, the only thing that has made me better is removing the stress.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by spencerh »

I have seen conclusive proof that for me both diet and stress play a part in how I feel. Everyone is different and the best prescription is just to know yourself and what you need to eat/do/think to stay healthy.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by srusso12 »

Wow I am impressed you have beat UC, I have had Proctitus for 10 years fairly consistently with little restbite. Do you think it was the combination of all your lifestyle changes and doing it that consistently or the Colostrum that kicked your symptoms into touch. I certainly will explore colostrum more fully. I have to say I am a little weak willed when it comes to sustaining dietary and supplements changes, as I am eager for quick results. How long did it take before you saw noticeable changes in your condition? Many thanks.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by kmatic85 »

sycococker wrote:Well <a href="" target="_blank">diet</a> has never made a single improvement to me, the only thing that has made me better is removing the stress.

What diet(s) have you tried? The problem is after all my research I've found that what you eat today may not affect how u feel tomorrow. It could take a month for a trigger food to have an affect on you. Thats why without doing the proper research most people end up frustrated with dietary modulation.

Try a low sulfur diet and see how you feel. This includes less sulfur containing amino acids (cysteine and methionine) in your diet.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by Wandsworthnick »


Interesting thread.

There are a number of things. Diet has made a difference for me, I think, when 4 years ago I cut out refined sugar (using fructose instead when I rarely used sugar with yoghurt). This included all refined carbs - white flour, and white rice. Beer is worse for blood sugar than anything. According to my doctors there isn't anything in this, but for several years it worked with me - better than for the previous 15 years. Roughly speaking the Michel Montignac diet. Fruit on its own, cut out alcohol for a few months to start with (wine is good, with meals, in moderation). I am not really a moderation bloke, but it worked for me.

Stress is the number one factor for causing flare-ups, and all the doctors seem to agree. My Dad died and bam - flare-up! Dreadful steroids to calm down and then ok. That was 3 years ago after I had about a year of remission and new diet.

Obviously, this is just my story and some long term research would be good on all of this.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by falconer »

nirajnaik wrote:Hi everyone!

I thought I would bring a ray of hope to those who suffer from ulcerative colitis by sharing my experience of going into remission for over 1.5 years using natural treatments only.

I had moderate left sided colitis for around 10 months.

I had lost nearly 3 stone in weight and spent most of the day on the <a href="" target="_blank">toilet</a>!

Finally I found a way to overcome this illness that consisted of a few lifestyle changes:

1. Learning to manage my stress better thru meditation and breathing exercises. Stress and anxiety is a huge trigger for this condition I have found. I was also forced to quit my stressful job as a pharmacist (thank god, as pharmacy is a soul destroying profit led profession that is not interested in making people actually well) due to the illness and had to find a way to work from home, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I now have a successful internet based business based around my passion for music and helping people to manage their stress better.

2. Avoiding factory based refined foods that contain high levels of sugar, wheat and salt and spicy foods. Make sure I chew my food very well, as our stomach does not have teeth!

3. Regular <a href="" target="_blank">exercise</a> for at least 30 mins a day. (simple body weight stuff or yoga - no need for gym)

4. Discovering supplements - <a href=" ... ments.html" target="_blank">probiotics</a> and colostrum (these I feel were both like a godsend that helped eliminate the nasty symptoms likes bleeding and diarrhea quite fast)

I have even had Man Utd football club request my information for their star player Darren Fletcher who seems to be responding well to colostrum and <a href=" ... ments.html" target="_blank">probiotics</a> too.

I have made a little video that give more info on <a href=" ... ments.html" target="_blank">probiotics</a> and colostrum here: ... naturally/

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to help.

Peace and blessings

Niraj x
After 40 years of this disease & having tried everything under the sun, including removal of my whole large intestine including my colon 20 years ago I suspect that you are simply in remission ?!
Please update over the years as your UC progresses - I'm sure it will be of interest to all.

matthew a
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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by matthew a »

It's all diet. Obviously it's not going to work for everyone, but for me it has been that simple.

I'm way too far off to talk about curing my UC, but by changing my diet I stopped a incessant flare that I had been struggling with for 4 months and nothing was calming it. That is following the last 2 years where I've had flare-ups throughout most the year each time, with the problems getting increasingly worse, to the point where a high dose prednisolone was having no effect, and taking a pretty high dose of 6mp couldn't stop the flares completely. For that to vanish overnight, and I've had no symptoms for over 2 months & reduced my medication alot, can't just be remission?

Like I say, I'm not going into saying I'm cured, but I'm hoping that I may have helped reduce my symptoms, and my body is acting differently. Recently, through my training (& diet) I've gone down to 12% body fat and dropping- something I never managed to acheive with all the flares, despite constantly being slim. I'm also putting on muscle like I've never done in my life (was diagnosed around the time I first started training regularly), and without the steroids, my body isn't cannibalising itself so my muscle is staying put.

Time will tell, but I feel really, really lucky.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by Swingball »

HI Kmatic85,

Are you still controling your UC through diet and if so just wondered roughly what your diet is please?


Swingball :wink:

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by nirajnaik »

Hi Everyone!

IMPORTANT CAVEAT - before you read this please understand that I am in no way implying or saying that you should stop taking your medications - this is for people who are on medications that are no longer serving them and are desperate for an alternative treatment plan - as I was. Always do your own research, do not take my advice as gospel and always listen to your doctor before attempting anything different to what they are already prescribing.

I am so sorry for this late reply.

I did not think my original thread got approved as it seemed to take ages for it to appear on here, as I never got any kind of confirmation of it being approved, and because I have been in remission for so long, I didnt feel the need to come on here again.

Please watch this video here that I made ages ago:

I am a qualified pharmacist and feel it is my duty to help people get off medication and get well, not stay on them forever, as I have managed to stay of the drugs myself.

Here are my top tips for people where the medication no longer works.

During Flare Up
1. Eat two tablespoons of colostrum twice a day. - watch this video for info :)
2. Follow the specific carbohydrate diet strictly until severe symptoms such as bleeding and excessive mucas has stopped. Then stick to gluten free foods if eating breads and cereals. check out
3. Have two tablespoons of hemp seed oil. (full of omega essential fatty acids + other nutrients that are needed for gut repair)
4. Have 1 tablespoon of coconut butter and ensure all food Is cooked with it. (also full of gut repairing nutrients like essential fatty acids)
5. Take high potency probiotics daily. (protect your gut from bad bacteria and regulates your immune system)
6. Eat a small amount of raw almonds daily. ( contains essential minerals and nutrients)
7. Do the extended exhalation exercise (pranayam) and the aum meditation for at least 5 minutes a day. (amazing stress reliever - message me for advice on this)
8. Take up yoga, meditation and relaxing music/sound therapy if possible.
9. Take ashwaghanda, turmeric and any other stress relieving formulas or herbs.
10. Use the time off work to focus on your passions or to find a new job that is less stress. Learn or focus on creative arts and hobbies that make you feel good.

In Remission
1. Same as during flare up, but you can move to the Alpha Omega Diet, which is essentially the Specific Carbohydrate diet, but you are also allowed:
Sweet potatoes, gluten free breads + cereals, all raw fruits.
2. Have the Rishi Hemp Smoothie daily (message me for the recipe)
3. Do moderate exercise daily and try to use sauna’s and steam rooms to detox regulary.

I cannot guarantee this will help you, but it has helped me and many other people who have followed my advice fully :)


Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT!! Focus on the negative stories on this forum or elsewhere, because if you do, that negative vibe will imprint on your mind, you will lose hope and get more stressed, which makes the condition worse.

Instead please seek out positive success stories and listen to people who got well like myself (sometimes your doctor can be your worse enemy as sadly their education is biased towards medication, and many do not continue doing research outside of work, as they are so overwhelmed with their day to day work, so they never learn about new more effective methods. If you feel your doctor is being overly negative about trying holistic things, please send them my way, or get a second opinion. I am a qualified pharmacist and so know exactly how to handle them :)

Peace and blessings

Niraj x
P.S Feel free to message me if you want some more advice.

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Re: How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis - Success Story

Post by Arksun76 »

kmatic85 wrote:
No beer, wine, red meat, cheese, eggs or preservatives should do the trick. spicy foods are fine, fiber is amazing IF you're in remission.
Thats interesting, eggs and cheese (at least cheddar cheese) are classed as SCD friendly. Certainly in my case my body seems to tolerate those 2 very well. Once again just goes to show we're all very different with different triggers.

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