Information for those with Ulcerative Colitis

Public Toilets

Public toilets can be hard to locate - and are often in poor condition. We have two things that can help
  • A toilet finder app that helps you locate nearby toilets
  • RADAR keys - allow you to use disabled toilets that are part of the RADAR scheme

Toilet Finder App for IPhone and Android

Toilet Finder
The toilet finder app is a free app available for the IPhone and for android phones it uses the phone's GPS to locate and produce a map of the toilets closest to you.
The App also contains ratings for each toilet - and allows you to rate and add toilets
Toilet Finder App

RADAR Key Scheme

The national RADAR key scheme provides access to locked disabled toilets displaying the RADAR symbol. People with colitis can obtain a key from the RADAR Shop - A small administrative charge (roughly £5) is made for the key. Radar Key
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